1. Open Planmeca Romexis

2. Take iOS scan and save the file by clicking on the tooth icon on the upper left corner.

3. This will open the patient management dashboard screen as shown below:

planmeca 1.png

4. A complete list of patients can be viewed on the left corner of the screen. There is also the option to quick search patient details by using the search bar on the top left corner.

5. Select the desired patient from the “search patient” list by either clicking on the CAD/ CAMicon located on the left corner of the screen OR click on “go to CAD/ CAM” located in nextsteps

6. This opens the patient case folder including all the files

planmeca 2.png

7. Select the file to be exported by highlighting the file as shown above (via single left click)

8. Click on 3D Model export from the lower left corner of the screen

planmeca 3.png

9. Select export destination, File name and File types (preferably STL file)

planmeca 4.png

10. Click “Export”

11. Send this exported STL file to lab