• Login to iTero portal – with your credentials

  • Upon logging in, there are two ways to review case details. There is a “Quick Start” tosearch patient details or a complete list of patients can be viewed by clicking “Orders” at the top left menu and choosing “Orders List”.

itero 1.png
  • From the Orders List, a snapshot of case details are presented and individual details, including Rx information can be viewed by clicking on the specific order code

itero 2.png
  • Upon entering the Order Information, there are two actions that can be enabled:

    • Open File – link will open the 3D scan file (requires iTero Viewer 4.1).

    • Export – link will open the 3D scan file and open the iDE export dialog for STL export

      (requires iTero Viewer 4.1)

itero 3.png

Note: If the iTero Online Viewer is not installed, click “Support” at the bottom of theMyAlignTech site for installation instructions

  • To export STL file- Choose a specific CAD/CAM System or generic option

For Open Model – open mesh files with zero wall thickness

itero 4.png

For Closed Model – closed mesh solid files.

itero 5.png
  • After choosing a CAD/CAM System or generic export option there is an option to name the export folder located within the default export location. Each patient file export can have its own folder. The default name is the iTero case ID but it can be changed to any desired name (ie. Patient name, chart number, etc...)

itero 6.png
  • Press “Export” to begin the STL export process. Once completed, the following window willappear; indicating the export was completed.

itero 7.png
  • Clicking “Yes” will open the export folder

itero 8.png

Note: Within the export folder, there are optional XML metadata files that can be used by various CAD/CAM systems

  • Send STL files to lab