Learning the frontier way

Fun, supportive, & rewarding


growing your practice through social media

Presented by Gil Villavecer, VP Sales and Professional Development, Frontier

Gil goes through his social media journey and how he has grown his following to be a recognized influencer by today’s generation of dentists. Learn how to apply the same techniques and strategies to your practice.


The 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s of cosmetic dentistry

Join a community of dentists, technicians and seasoned instructors from the Frontier Institute as they take you on a journey of making cosmetic dentistry predictable, fun and profitable for your practice. This program combines lecture sessions with live patient, in-clinic mentorship to give you the confidence to make your patients’ smile.


creating a better impression with intraoral scanning

Hands-on training with you and your team to create a better impression with your patients as well as to create a better impression for your lab to make the perfect restoration. Conducted in clinic as part of the Evident Scanner On Subscription.