• Carestream SOP

  • Open CS Imaging dashboard. A complete list of patients can be viewed on the left corner of the screen. There is also the option to quick search patient details by using the search bar on the top left corner.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 9.26.52 PM.png
  • Select the desired patient order by clicking on their file

  • The selected file would show up on the black screen

  • To export STL file- Right click on the file and select “Save As”

  • Select “STL” in the model type dropdown option

  • There is an option to name the export folder located within the default export location. Each patient file export can have its own folder. The default file name can also be changed as required (ie. Patient name, chart number, etc...)

  • Select Save

  • This exported STL file can now be shared with the lab