Our story

Frontier Dental Laboratory started out with a simple desire:

to create the perfect smile.

Since inception in 1982 we have been changing lives, one smile at a time.

Frontier Dental Laboratories has now grown and evolved into one of North America and Europe’s most trusted cosmetic dental laboratories. Cementing itself as a lab that demands perfection for their clients and consistently delivers nothing short of it.

Frontier hand picks and employs only the best craftspeople possible, training them in the way of the “Frontier Smile.” Selecting only those who understand that the mission behind the business is about so much more than just making teeth. It is about giving people the opportunity to capture the image they deserve, and in doing so, transforming the dental industry.

Today Frontier has won more awards than any other dental lab in the USA, Canada or the UK.

Our Awards and recognitions


  • Best of Show

    Dr. Ralf Griesse

  • Gold – 

    Dr. Sam Sadati, Dr. Jeffrey Anderson, Dr. Ron Ask, Dr. Samir Ayoub, Dr. Duane Beers, Dr. Todd Franklin, Dr. Kathy Sanders, Dr. Mark Sweeney, Dr. Sam Sadati,  Dr. Michael O’Neill, Dr. Lois Kovalchick, Dr. Sarah Aylard, Dr. Jurgen Wahlmann, Dr. Mark Sweeney, Dr. Sam Sadati, Dr. Ralf Griesse, Dr. Samir Ayoub, Dr. William Swearingen, Dr. Sam Sadati, Dr. Larry Addleson

  • Silver – 

    Dr. Jeffrey Anderson, Dr. Edward Jang, Dr. Kathy Sanders, Dr. Duane Beers, Dr. Paul Roener,  Dr. Ron Ask, Dr. Todd Franklin, Dr. Ken Harris, Dr. Kathy Sanders, Dr. Mark Sweeney, Dr. Sam Sadati, Dr. Thomas Dudney, Dr. Samir Ayoub, Dr. Duane Beers, Dr. Dell Goodrick, Dr. Mark Sweeney, Dr. Sam Sadati, Dr. Larry Addleson, Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch, Dr. William Swearingen, Dr. Kenneth Karger, Dr. Samir Ayoub, Dr. Michael Cole, Dr. William Swearingen, Dr. Arun Draber

  • Bronze –

    Dr. Bruce Spink, Dr. Edward Jang, Dr. Jeffrey Anderson, Dr. Carol Ford, Dr. Ken Harris, Dr. Kathy Sanders, Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch, Dr. William Swearingen, Dr. Sam Sadati, Dr. Samir Ayoub, Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch, Dr. Michael O’Neill, Dr. Randy Johnson, Dr. Bruce Spink, Dr Jurgen Wahlmann, Dr. Ron Ask, Dr. Sam Sadati, Dr. David Sultanov, Dr. Michael O’Neill, Dr. Kenneth Karger, Dr. William Swearingen, Dr. Bryan Judd, Dr. Kenneth Karger, Dr. William Swearingen, Dr. Samir Ayoub, Dr. Sam Sadati, Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch


  • Restorative Case – Single Arch

  • Restorative Case – Full Mouth

  • Restorative Case – Shade Matching

  • Restorative Case – Conservative Smile Makeover

  • Single Implant Case